Compact Desktop Device - Piezo Head

Robotic Isolation Technology CellSorter

We created the Compact Desktop Device for an even smoother user experience. Thanks to its small footprint, the precision of the Piezo Head and being fully automated, it can be a great addition to any laboratory. No need for expertise in microscopy or microfluidics.


  • Fully automated
  • Small footprint
  • High-throughput imaging of millions of cells
  • Flexibility: choose the sample holder for your application
  • Multifunctional joystick for high precision manual control
  • Autocalibration function


  • Next generation piezoelectric sorting head
  • Built-in LED illumination for hight quality phase contrast imaging: Ph1m Ph2
  • 6-position motorized filter turret for flourescent imaging
  • USB connection to the computer
  • High-precision borosilicate glass micropipettes
  • High-speed motorized components
  • High-sensitivity back-illuminated CMOS camera
  • Sample holder for 35mm Petri dish / microscope slide / standard multi-well plate / chamber slide +64/80/2x96 PCR tubes


  • High resolution imaging combined with <1 nanoliter liquid handling accuracy
  • Isolate both suspended and surface attached cells
  • New standard in single cell isolation >90% efficiency
  • Laptop with a large screen to control the device
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • 3 windows for the 3 steps: Scanning, Analyzing and Sorting
  • User friendly structure with brief tutorials


  • No need for microfluidic tubes or pumps
  • Laptop and multifunctional joystick can easily control the full process


  • Better than 1 nanoliter liquid handling precision
  • Flexibility - applicable to a wide range of single cell experiments


  • Calibrated borosilicate capillaries developed for single cell sorting. Aperture: 5-70 μm
  • Optimal micropipette size can be chosen depending on your specific application

Modual options:

  • Microscope - Can be almost any inverted microscope. We recommend Zeiss,Nikon Olympus.
  • Camera - Including Andor, PCO, Flir and Hamamatsu
  • Motorized stage - There are several choices depending on size and speed including Prior and Märzhäuser.
  • Light source - We recommend Prior Lumen 200s for standard use and Lumencor Spectra.
  • Objective lens - Our standard equipment comes with a 10x lens, higher magnifications are also possible.
  • Levels of motorization - There is an option for additional Filter turret and Objective Changer (nosepiece).
  • Sample Holder - 35 mm Petri dish, Microscope slide, Chamber slides, Standard multi-well plate (ie.: 96 well-plate).
  • Container for Single Cell Deposition - PCR tubes/strips, PCR plates, Mutli-well plates.
  • Brightfield or phase contrast illumination: Standard transmitted light source of the microscope.


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