Modular Full System - Piezo Head

PiezoElectric Pipette Isolating Single Cell on a microscope

The full system includes all the necessary accessories you might need. Thanks to its open design, it’s a highly versatile device with the possibility of shaping it to your needs.


  • Unprecedented single cell isolation efficiency
  • New standard in precision - 1 nanoliter pipetting accuracy
  • Can isolate both suspended and surface attached cells
  • Viable cells after sorting. One single cell arrives to each PCR tube
  • 10 PCR strips containing 80 tubes can be filled in a cycle
  • Microwell arrays fortesting single cell deposition in situ
  • Pick up volume of~1 nanoliter-deposition volume less than 5 nanoliters
  • Speed: 3-4 cells/min.-when collecting multiple cells sorting speed is 1 cell/second
  • Both unlabeled and fluorescent cells are recognized by computer vision
  • Sort cells labeled by fluorescent molecular probes or markers
  • Multichannel detection using the fluorescentfiltersetup of the microscope


  • Integrated compact device - straightforward operation
  • Compatible with super-resolution microscopy and high content screening.
  • Sequence exactly that cell you need.

Modular options:

  • Microscope - Can be almost any inverted microscope. We recommend Zeiss,Nikon Olympus.
  • Camera - Including Andor, PCO, Flir and Hamamatsu
  • Motorized stage - There are several choices depending on size and speed including Prior and Märzhäuser.
  • Light source - We recommend Prior Lumen 200s for standard use and Lumencor Spectra.
  • Objective lens - Our standard equipment comes with a 10x lens, higher magnifications are also possible.
  • Levels of motorization - There is an option for additional Filter turret and Objective Changer (nosepiece).
  • Sample Holder - 35 mm Petri dish, Microscope slide, Chamber slides, Standard multi-well plate (ie.: 96 well-plate).
  • Container for Single Cell Deposition - PCR tubes/strips, PCR plates, Mutli-well plates.
  • Brightfield or phase contrast illumination: Standard transmitted light source of the microscope.


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