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Robotic Isolation Technology CellSorter

Pick the exact cells you need for gene expression analysis!

1) Cell culture in a Petri dish or multiwell plate is scanned on a microscope to gain a large mosaic image. 2) Images are analyzed by software to recognize target cells. 3-4) Selected cells are picked and deposited by the micropipette into PCR tubes. 5) Single cell transcriptome analysis.

The Piezo Head and Valve Control Technology provide the opportunity for single cell gene expression and multiomic capabilities to profile the exact cells you need. Explore cellular heterogeneity, novel drug targets, and the molecular background of cell behavior with combined gene expression and protein expression studies, or CRISPR edits in each cell.


CellSorter develops smart technologies for single cell handling, sorting, and isolation.

We design flexible hardware and software for diverse applications (Single cell DNA/RNA sequencing, CTC detection or Protein engineering).


High resolution imaging combined with computer vision for cell selection


Advanced micropipette technology for single cell manipulations


Onsite installation, training, technical support and free software upgrades

Main Features

  • High throughput single cell sorting directly from the Petri dish
  • One single cell arrives to each PCR tube
  • 10 PCR strips containing 80 tubes can be filled in a cycle
  • Glass cover slip for testing single cell deposition in situ
  • Drop volume less than 1 ul for adherent cells
  • Pick up volume of ~1 nl for suspended cells
  • 15-20 seconds per cell
  • Isolates a subpopulation of live adherent cells expressing fluorescent or luminescent markers
  • Both unlabeled and fluorescentcells are recognized by computer vision
  • Viable cells after sorting
  • Sorts cells labeled by fluorescent molecular probes highlighting specific cellular activities
  • Collects single cells for further cultivation, cloning, RNA or protein preparation
  • Any adherent and non-adherent cell type can be sorted
  • Cell culture needs minimal preparation before sorting
  • Average sorting process takes only a few minutes
  • Multichannel detection using the fluorescent filter setup of the microscope
  • When collecting multiple cells sorting speed is 1 cell/second. Number of cells picked up in a single run: 1-1000

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Circulating tumor cell (CTC) isolation

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Protein Engineering

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Single Cell Adhesion Force

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Robot Picking Single Cells Controlled By High Speed Valves

  • CellSorter control unit with 2 high speed fluid valves and USB connection to the computer
  • High precision micropipette holding console manufactured from hard aluminum equipped with LED illumination for micropipette focusing and connected to the motorized micromanipulator via a rotatable arm
  • Special aluminum insert fitting to the microscope stage with a hole and magnetic fixing ring for the 35 mm Petri dish and 80 holes for 10 PCR stripes and a hole for a 32x24 mm2 glass cover slide for testing and high resolution imaging and a hole with a calibration cross hair
  • Accessories, fittings and tubing for liquid control
  • Compatible with most inverted microscopes
  • Modular structure makes it versatile and helps to fit the device to the specific application

New Piezo electric Sorting Head

Pipetting nanoliter scale volumes is challenging due to several technical difficulties including surface tension, adhesion and evaporation effects. We developed a fully automated piezoelectric micropipette with a precision of 1 nanoliter. The piezo micropipette can be fully automated using either fluorescent or transparent illumination on a microscope.

  • Compact design
  • Excellent liquid handling precision: 0.1 nanoliter
  • Outstanding >90% single cell isolation efficiency
  • Built-in LED illumination for phase contrast imaging
  • No tubes
  • No syringes
  • Control unit with USB connection to the computer

Comparison of CellSorter technology with competing methods


  • Intuitive graphical interface: single cell sorting is fun
  • User friendly structure with brief tutorials
  • Computer vision: exceptional cell recognition efficiency
  • Saves all data for further analysis or publication
  • Compatible with the open source Micro-Manager software
  • Runs on MS Windows OS


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